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About Betty



I truly believe that everyone should have a mentor and a mentee at all times. I dedicate my knowledge, skills, and experiences to my dedicated mentors who have been there for me since the very beginning. I still have a handful of mentors who I trust and value.


Besides being a trusted counselor, I am here to give guidance not for the short term, but for the long term. I adopt my students as my "sisters" and genuinely care to see them succeed in life. You may not win every competition, but you can win in life!




I've been with Look Talent agency since 2007. You may have seen me in Samsung, Target, EA Sports, L'Oreal, SONY Electronics, and the Food Network commercials either on TV, magazines, or the internet.


I have also made appearances on several marketing campaigns, emcee'd at shows including Miss Chinatown USA, EpiCenter MedSpa, Silver Clouds,, Miss Hawaii, Miss Fashion World Beauty, and Toddlers and Tiaras.


I have studied acting at SF Acting Academy and Nancy Hayes Casting. 



I am so blessed to have two amazing toddlers, Olivia and Owen who are my everything. I always tell others that becoming a Mother is the hardest, most humbling, demanding, and rewarding job there is.


I truly believe that every Mother wants to give their offspring a better and more fulfilling life than they could dream of. Having children make me realize how EVEN MORE amazing my mother is! Go Moms!

Mentor, Model, Mother

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