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Let my winners tell you about my coaching

Kylie Chang.jpg

Kylie Chang, Miss Asian Global 2023 - 2024


Betty is not only an amazing pageant coach, but also an incredible life coach! Through her pageant training, I’ve gained skills that apply to both onstage and in real life such as executive presence, interview, confident posture, modeling/posing, networking, and even sales techniques! 


During my training, we went for a holistic approach. Together, we walked through how to best answer specific interview questions as well as practiced voice intonation and projection. We also reviewed a multitude of potential onstage Q&A prompts, perfected my social platform message, roleplayed how to speak with and partner with potential sponsors, as well as practiced the fun part: swimsuit and evening walks!!!


I could always come to her for any questions, and having access to her local country club’s amenities such as full body mirrors was an amazing plus. She also gave me great wardrobe suggestions such as helping me figure out what colors and styles best suit me and how to make my look stand out. If your wardrobe search is unsuccessful, she also allows you to rent some of her own collection. 

I also appreciated Betty looking into my college applications as I am an incoming freshwoman at Cal Berkeley, her alma mater. It was helpful to gain insight on how her undergraduate experience was like, what clubs/organizations she recommended, her regrets, and what she learned. It meant a lot to me to see and hear Betty cheering for me in the crowd on my big night and seeing her friendly face afterwards.


Aside from the actual training, what was most important was that she continuously encouraged me to stay true to myself no matter what. I’m so glad to have learned these crucial life skills at a young age, because what I’ve learned from Betty will follow me for a lifetime and support me in becoming successful in my career and in life. 


If you want to WIN a pageant, AND WIN at life, Betty is your girl!!!

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1st time pageant contestant & winner

Erica Dann, Miss CA USA 2019

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Katherine Wu, Miss Chinatown USA 2019

Olympic hopeful 2020, Archery

Betty was my gateway to pageantry. I am forever grateful for her and thankful for her expertise, delivering a program that is so robust and was exactly what I needed. When I first realized that I was interested in pageantry, I was 25, which is considered a latecomer age to most Miss division pageants. I had never worn 6 inch heels before in my life. I was intimidated and anxious that I wouldn't be competitive and needed help. Betty was willing to fit me into her already-busy pageant training roster, and we began training right away. 


Her team is experienced and I appreciate the varied styles of each trainer. The targeted and intentional design of the entire training program gave me confidence that I was on my way to being well prepared for each pageant segment. Being under Betty's care means that you were taken good care of. I appreciate Betty's thoughtfulness, her constant dedication to her mentees, and her continued faith in me. I am so happy to call Betty my big sister, mentor, and friend.

Love, Jessica Yen

Miss Chinatown SF 2019

Miss Taiwan Global 2018

I signed up for Miss Santa Clara as a chance to win scholarship money, but I had never competed in a pageant and didn’t really know anything about it besides what I had seen on TV. I knew I was in desperate need of help in preparing; I had no idea where to even start. I did some online research for pageant coaches in the Bay Area, and that is when I found Betty’s website. She looked very accomplished and experienced, and after my complimentary first session with her, I knew she would be able to bring the beauty queen out on me.


I can’t explain the change I saw in myself during the months I worked with Betty. I lost about 15 pounds, learned how to walk in platform heels without looking like my legs were going to break, and I could answer questions on the spot for however long Betty wanted to ask me questions for. She was constantly encouraging me and pushing me. She knew that I could do better than what I thought was my best and that made me want to work harder. Preparing for a pageant is not easy especially since it was so new to me, but I felt safe knowing that I had Betty to show me through the ropes. She also had such valuable, inside tricks and tips to teach me about pageants that can only be gained through years of experience. She even helped me fill out all of my pageant paperwork and sent it to other people to check over it! I was so touched.


Most importantly, she taught me how I can showcase myself and my personality in the best way possible. I am not a typical pageant girl; I am a nerdy, engineering, farm girl who loves food and makes way too many jokes, but Betty helped me to embrace that difference instead of running away from it. I was able to find my inner beauty and confidence, and I’m so thankful!


Not only did Betty train and help me in every aspect of competition, but she also connected me with many other people to help me with my walking, interview, and other phases of competition. I was given a whole team to work with under Betty’s wing, and that is something truly special that you can’t get anywhere else! With all of their help, I was able to win the first pageant I had ever competed in. Thank you so much Betty! I couldn’t have done it without you!


With Love,

Taylor Yamane, Miss Santa Clara 2018

Working with Betty was awesome! Betty has such a kind, positive spirit and will push you hard enough so you are ready for competition night. I am completely new to pageants and my Mom found Betty online. After chatting with her and my Mom on a three way call, I knew she would get me to where I needed to be. Any time I had a photo shoot, an interview, or paperwork to fill out, it was really helpful to have a pageant veteran like Betty to hold our hand and walk us along the process.


I struggled hard with Q/A which I think most of us do, and Betty pushed me to keep practicing and made me feel confident to answer anything onstage! We continued to do Q/A every meeting we had together, which really contributed to my confidence.


I recommend meeting with Betty, not only because she helped me with pageant skills but working with her made me come out of my shell. I remember after our first official session, realizing through Betty's tough questions that I really wanted to model FT and discovered my true ambitions. It was like a light went off and I didn't realize it until the words came out of my mouth. 

By working with various other coaches on Betty’s team they all help boost your confidence in each pageant aspect building up to the pageant. Thank you Betty and team for helping me so much! You all are the very best at what you do and it shows!



Brooklynn Price, Miss Hawaii Bikini USA 2017

Miss Bikini USA 1st RU 2017

Mrs. Queen Betty Hsu changed my life. She took an inexperienced girl who had raw potential, but rough edges, and polished her into a mature, poised and humble lady. 


My journey with Betty began in our first phone interview. She asked: "Why do you want to compete in this pageant?" I did not have an answer. It was through the next 6 months of one-on-one training sessions, attending public events, and making it to the top 10 finalists in Miss Asian Global that I discovered my answer. I learned lessons that were pivotal to my personal and professional growth. 


We drilled walking (swimsuit and evening, which are 2 totally different styles!), public speaking, projecting a ladylike presence, and how to handle awkward situations and screaming crowds. Each of the 5 segments of Miss Asian Global - Panel Interview, Ethnic Costume, Swimsuit, Evening Gown, and Platform/On-Stage Q&A were reviewed, practiced, and rehearsed with meticulous attention and thoroughness. Betty and her Team are the real deal. 


It took a few hard-earned lessons, and many months of support from her Team that I realized the only difference between you and the Crown is your mentality. Beauty begins with the heart, and Winning begins with the mind. The greatest reward Betty gave me is the mindset of a Winner. I have still much to learn, but competing in Miss Asian Global has initiated a paradigm shift by giving me deeper understanding of my strengths as well as areas for improvement. 


My training for success will not stop at the end of Betty's sessions and Miss Asian Global. It has just begun. 


With Gratitude, 

Yilan Shi

Miss Asian S.T.E.M. (Science, technology, engineering and math), 2017 

All of the profuse and elaborate testimonials of Betty's program speak to her expertise, dedication, and passion in pageantry and coaching winners - and mine definitely will not be any different!I remember coming across her ad after attending Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America's 30th Anniversary Pageant in its program book; I absolutely loved how she marketed herself as only coaching girls in it to win it. From browsing her website to eventually writing three paragraphs worth of self-introduction in email, I got a kick out of convincing her why I was the winner worth mentoring. It was challenging, but I took committing to competing in a pageant seriously. And if you are looking for someone who will treat your experience as seriously as you do, Betty is your person. 

I did not want or need another friend to over compliment me and tell me the easy things I wanted to hear, only to build my ego. I wanted an experienced professional who would rationally critique me and be honest with what I needed to improve on. With Betty, I got everything I wanted and more. From public speaking to walking to wardrobe advice and to poses, Betty's knowledge and wealth of connections were absolutely integral in my journey and introduction to the world of pageantry. And the heart she puts into her mentee is incomparable! I will never forget her little gifts, reminders, notes, and flowers to encourage me in my tougher moments. At the end, Betty really became the big sister figure that I went to for anything. I got more than a coach; I ended up getting one of my number one fans on pageant night and beyond. 

It was such a pleasure training with Betty and I can say this confidently that she is worth every penny - she definitely will not sugarcoat things for you but she is the expert who genuinely cares. Thank you Betty for all that you do and for believing in me! And thank you to Louisa, Victoria, and Crystal too - the mentorship and value I got out of the program is invaluable!

Sharon Chung, Miss Entrepreneur 2016

There is no one better to hire and work with for your pageant than the one and only, Betty Hsu. Going into the pageant, I was pretty calm about everything. But after our first session, Betty made me realize how unprepared I was, because it turned out that pageantry required a lot more work than I had expected. With my already packed summer schedule while preparing for college, it was difficult to stay committed while preparing for the pageant. At one point, I almost felt like giving up. However, Betty always pushed me and reminded me that I can do it and that I'm "In It to Win It". Her faith in me made me want to work harder and practice everyday.


I remember that when she fired questions at me, I found myself saying "Uh, I don't know," many, many times. However, in a few sessions, Betty drastically helped me hone my interview skills and discover more about myself, which left me feeling more confident. The things you learn from Betty are not only applicable to pageantry, but also anything you face in life as well. She is definitely the tough (and real!), yet caring sister who wants the best for you. If you show the dedication and commitment, she will return the same favor to you. 


I would like to thank Betty for her continuous support, for sticking with me, and for believing in me. If it weren't for Betty, I would not have been able to confidently pass the interview. I feel like a stronger individual, both physically and mentally- all thanks to Betty's program. 



Erin Liu, Miss Chinatown USA 3rd Princess 2017, Miss Talent 2017, Miss Chinatown Innovation 2017  

Miss Asian Photogenic 2016

Working with Betty to prepare for my pageant was an absolute delight. As a first time contestant competing at a preliminary pageant for Miss California Teen USA, I felt nervous for the competition. I found her online and hired her after our first was a no brainer!


With Betty by my side as my mentor and sister, I was not only able to improve my onstage performance and interviews, but I was also able to walk in fashion shows and model at fashion events which helped improve my overall presence and confidence in life. Her pep talks motivated me, the walking practices were key, and watching myself in videos after each session gave me something to work towards.


Betty's program is absolutely effective, and having her by my side through every step of my preparation was extremely helpful and instrumental to my success. As a result, in addition to winning the Best Interview award at Miss Pacific Coast Teen USA and placing third runner up, I ended up taking home that crown at Miss Los Gatos Teen USA!


At first, my parents were not completely supportive of me competing, but after seeing how much I've grown, learned, and blossomed, they couldn't be more proud of me (it probably didn't hurt that my Mom met Betty at our first session and said I was in good hands). I will definitely be using the skills I have learned from Betty at Miss California Teen USA for the rest of my pageant career and in life! 

Lots of Love,

Peri Baser

Miss Teen Los Gatos 2016

Miss Congeniality at Miss Teen California 2016

Betty Hsu has become a sister to me and goes beyond what a coach would do. I was referred to Betty by a family friend and from then on, I received not only her knowledge of pageantry but also her life skills and experience.  The funny thing is that I knew about her (from her website, fb, and online presence) before meeting her in person…so to be introduced by someone I highly respect was icing on the cake!


Betty always kept in touch with me; she is really committed to being someone you can always count on for advice 24/7. Even when she couldn't be there in person because she had her baby, she would make sure that I got the best mentorship from amazing coaches that imparted their extensive pageantry experience onto me.


Our sessions were very detailed and left me realizing more about myself, which boosted my self confidence. This was my first pageant and I didn't really know what to expect. I had low times where I almost lost motivation and considered differing from a pageant for a year, due to over-commitments from school, extracurricular activities, and family obligations; however Betty was my pillar of support and inspired me to move onwards! Each training session allowed me to learn more about myself and I felt more confident in my own body. We worked on and talked about everything you can think of about pageants, from Q & A to walking to makeup and more!


Betty has prepared me well and provides a wholesome experience that you won't regret. 


Love you Betty! 


Dina Zheng, Miss Teen Chinatown 2016

Miss Teen Talent 2016

Miss Teen Charity 2016

Miss Asian Global Community Service 2017

When I realized my interest in pageants had grown tremendously, it became evident that there were missing pieces to the puzzle because I had never participated in one.

Since I was new to the pageant world and I wanted to educate myself and gain an advantage over my competition, preparing with a professional and reputable coach would substantially increase my chances of success and provide me with valuable, professional guidance during the process. Hence, my online search directed me to Betty Hsu. Her credentials, background and experience (competing and coaching) immediately placed her above and beyond all other pageant coaches. After conducting a telephone interview and in person meeting, she agreed to coach me so long as there was full commitment and dedication on my part. This was extremely important to me because I was seeking someone who had the same beliefs as me.

The additional mentorship I obtained and received from Betty’s unbelievable group of talented women (who have participated and achieved success in several pageants) was an added bonus. Her dynamic staff (my mentors) were knowledgeable, experienced and intelligent. They offered their strengths and incorporated their individual specialties into the pageant learning program. I quickly learned that when you hire Betty, you hire her team!

My sessions improved my public speaking, walking, social skills, stage presence, and confidence. I was always challenged during each session to be the best I could be. Betty also emphasized it was my responsibility to practice since “practice makes perfect” and I was entering unchartered territory. When improvement was required in a specific area, it was immediately pointed out.

I felt more prepared, less stressed, and much more confident with whole new sense of accomplishment after the competition knowing for certain that I did my very best.  This is all attributable to Betty Hsu’s pageantry program.

Thank you Betty for being there for me, for introducing the life experience, for focusing on attention to detail, for preparing me in all aspects of the pageant, for learning more about myself, and for you, Victoria, Louisa, and Crystal being my “jie jie’s.”


Kiana Sisneroz, Miss Fashion World Beauty 2nd Princess 2017

Miss Teen Chinatown 2nd Princess 2016

It was truly fate that guided me to work with Betty. I still remember the first time that I met her at a local Chinese restaurant. After viewing many of her successes in life online through Face book and her website, her image was completely sculpted into my memory. I went up to her and asked her whether she is really Betty, the Betty that taught so many winners, the Betty who is the big sister to many girls! What are the chances that she would be sitting RIGHT NEXT to me at a restaurant I had never been to!?


We didn't have the pleasure of working together on my first beauty pageant, and after not winning, I decided to contact her. At the time, I was 15 years old, a straight A student, prominent Gu Zheng (Chinese piano) player, President of several clubs, and thought I would try competing on my own. After that experience, I realized how much I needed to learn about the ins and outs of pageantry.


Throughout the experiences with Betty, she really helped prepare me for every segment of competition. After 10 classes of intense Q&A, walking, and posture training, I was really happy to have won the Miss World Fashion Beauty 1st Princess Title in the US awarded by two local Mayors. Although this is a newer pageant, it was extremely competitive. There were contestants from all ethnicities and cities from around the nation, most of them much older than me in their twenties. It is a dream come true to be crowned a winner and automatically entered into the next phase of competition, which of course, I will ask for Betty's mentorship again. I am extremely grateful that Betty and her team helped me pass through this adventurous journey.  


    Betty, Louisa, and Crystal thank you guys for always being there to help me, support me, and cheer me on. Especially Betty, thank you so much for always checking up on my progress when you were in the final stages of pregnancy. Thank you for taking time to call me the night before the pageant, hashing through Q & A, and supporting me non-stop with your kind and motivational words. Thank you for giving me many inspirational cards and gifts. Lastly, thank you for inviting me into the pageant sister's family: united and full of love. 


Lily Liu, Miss Fashion World Beauty First Princess 2016

Miss Fashion World Beauty Global Winner 2017

Before I had my first meeting with Betty, I thought that I was going to easily win Miss Teen Santa Clara. I am a straight A Honors and AP student, ranked 5th in the nation in judo, and a size 0. I thought there were going to be 10 contestants max, and that this would be my first and only pageant. Although, yes, I was excited to meet new friends and have a fun experience, I never really expected to further my "career" in pageantry as judo has always been my identity. Haha! Oh how wrong I was. For one, even just after our first 10 minutes together, I realized that competing would not be as easy as I had originally assumed. I remember receiving Betty's phone call and being discouraged after hearing one of her coaches' feedback. I felt like I totally wasted both of their time, so I worked harder. It helped that Betty heavily encouraged me to continue practicing and I'll never forget that. (And Betty's right, pageants are addicting!)


Thank you (Betty) for never stopping to believe in me.  Betty has - I hate to be melodramatic - changed me forever. She has challenged me to be more open to obstacles I never expected. She allowed me to admit my flaws and become a stronger person. Thank you (Betty) for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime!


Let's just say although this was my first, it will definitely not be my last pageant!


I am so grateful for our friendship/sisterhood bond and it has been such an honor to be Betty's mentee.


Dara Woo


Best Interview, High Spirit, and 3rd Runner Up at Miss Teen Santa Clara 2016

My life changed forever the night I lost my first pageant, Miss Sing Tao. I had high hopes of winning the crown or at least placing in the Top Four but when I failed to make the list, I was discouraged and depressed. After packing away all the gowns and heels that I had prepared, I rolled my suitcase out of the theatre’s back door. What I did not expect was to be greeted by a smiling but foreign face. I didn’t know it then, but this woman would soon become my mentor and my closest sister.


I later learned that Betty Hsu is a former Miss Chinatown USA and pageant veteran. At our very first meeting, Betty sat me down and explained everything it takes to be a Queen. At the end of this, she asked me if I would be ready to commit the time out of my already busy schedule. I appreciated the fact that she was honest because training proved to be very hard work. Together we analyzed every failure of my previous competition, dissected every aspect of my performance from my interview answers down to the stiff corners of my mouth when I had smiled for way too long.


Every time I visited Betty, she would teach me new tricks on walking, posing, answering difficult questions that could be asked on stage, and developed a platform inspired by my experiences that I was truly passionate about. After our first couple sessions, I noticed a major difference in my walks and interview responses. Betty made sure that I was a diligent student, and every week she gave plenty of  homework which helped build a strong foundation for me before pageant week even started.


Pageant week was nerve wracking as I have never been away from my friends and family for so long. I will never forget Betty's inspiring text messages, cards, and small gifts that reminded me that she was there...spiritually. She's like the big sister who pushes you but wants the best for you.


Without Betty, I probably would not even have been able to place in the Top 10. But thanks to everything that Betty has put through, I was able to take home the title of Miss Asian SF and 2nd Princess to the Miss Asian Global Pageant! Betty is a fantastic coach. She demands 100% full commitment and dedication from all of her students and in return gives 200% back. If you’re looking for a pageant coach who will truly make a difference in your performance, Betty is the right one for you!


Jennie Li

Miss Asian San Francisco 2015

Miss Asian Global Second Princess 2015

                I still remember my first session with Betty like it was yesterday. I was hoping that she would accept me as her mentee, because she doesn't just accept anyone. Once she said "Yes," I was so excited and determined to learn from the legendary, Betty.


            I bought Betty’s book and I couldn’t stop reading it. Her book illustrates her pageant experiences and fun ice breaker questions. This book helped prepare me before I trained with Betty. Betty’s trainings focuses on all the key points needed to be a successful competitor: walking, interview, and fitness. All of my training sessions with her were intense, but every week I felt myself getting stronger.


            Before I met Betty, I learned the basic pattern of how to walk, but I didn’t know how to "spice it up." She helps you visualize how you want the audience to see your emotions on stage by just walking. She also brought in other prominent beauty queens in the community to my sessions and I learned how to improve my on stage presence.


            Betty was also my fitness trainer. For three months I had to keep track with my food and workout diary. I didn’t just have homework from school, but I also had homework from her. I was overweight, so I knew that I had to be serious about losing weight. She taught me new workout tricks at the gym and how to use the balancing ball. Can you believe it: I lost 20 lbs with Betty!


            After three months of intense training and dieting, I was so happy to have won not just a trophy but a total of 6 trophies, 3 crowns and 3 sashes. I won the National Miss Spokesmodel, Miss Runway and Miss Crown Cover title. I was placed in 2nd runner up for Miss Talent and 3rd runner up for Miss Sportswear. On the night of the pageant I finish as a finalist, won Most Beautiful and Miss Spirit awarded by the staff. I am proud that I represented as Miss AUS California well.


            I highly recommend Betty to future delegates in pageants, because her formula does work. She has the passion and driving force to help any individual achieve their goals. Although pageants may not be for everyone, it certainly helped develop my personal growth.


            Lastly, I thank Betty for accepting me as her mentee. Her guidance and training has blossomed me into a stronger lady. I have received so much positive feedback from my friends, family, and even co-workers! My boss said that my communication skills and delivery on customer service has improved.  A pageant staff member told me that she couldn’t take her eyes off of me whenever I walk on stage. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about my body and I feel great!


Whenever I look at Betty, she reminds me why it’s important to be positive and confident in life. I will always cherish my time with her, because she is such an inspirational role model. I am so happy to not only have Betty as my mentor, but a sister.


  • Claireace Anne Bennett, 2015 Miss California of America’s U.S. Miss

2015 America’s U.S. Miss National Crown Cover Model

2015 America’s U.S. National Miss Spokesmodel

2015 America’s U.S. National Miss Runway

I will never forget how I met Betty – It was right after my first pageant. I was crying in the arms of my dad because I hadn’t even placed in top 10. When I finally got the courage to turn around and wipe the tears off my face, there was Betty standing in front of me… like a fairy god mother. That began my journey with Betty. And 4 months later, I was crowned the winner of Miss Sing Tao.


Betty is the best pageant coach/mentor/big sister any girl can have. As a pageant coach, Betty is definitely “in it to win it”. She set up a training program catered to me and really pushed me to reach my goals. We spent a lot of time working on Q&A, the different pageant walks, and setting up diet routines because I really needed to work on getting into shape. I felt confident being in her hands because she has tons of experience coaching pageant winners and is very familiar with the program (she coached a former queen for my pageant and was also the judge for another year!).


As a mentor, Betty really helped me understand who I truly am, what I represent, and why I was doing the pageant. Before Betty’s coaching, I would only have basic “bullet points” in my head when it comes to answering questions but no structure and no highlights to make me memorable. Betty grilled me on tons of sample questions and one by one she helped me discover my own answers that not only represented who I was but also catered to the pageant needs. This played an important role in preparing for the Q&As because discovering the uniqueness in my characteristics helped me stand out among the other girls and ultimately lead to the win.


Even though Betty can be super tough and strict in trainings, she always felt like a big sister to me. You know, the kind of sister that is tough because she wants the best for you but really is the sweetest friend you can have. My biggest challenge throughout this entire process was time/stress management because I had a very demanding full time job along with all the pageant training and rehearsals. Many times I thought about giving up because it was simply too much for me to manage. Betty and I had many fireside chats over this – she told me her own stories and gave me many helpful tips. She also checked up on me a lot to see how I was doing/feeling. I wouldn’t have made it through those tough times if it wasn’t for her motivational words and caring gestures.


Opportunity favors those who are prepared. And Betty definitely prepares you for every aspect of the pageant. With Betty’s track record, having her by your side almost guarantees a win. She will transform you into a queen, in pageant and in life.


Ge Wang, Miss Sing Tao 2015 


Miss Chinatown 3rd Princess 2016

During a session with Betty a few months ago, she had asked me “Who would you consider your role model?” I had no idea what to answer. Sure, I could say Oprah, Hillary Clinton, or Sheryl Sandberg but I didn’t really understand what it meant to have a role model. But ask me today the same question and with no hesitation, I would answer Betty Hsu.


I was referred to Betty when my application was accepted for the Miss Asian Global / Miss Asian America 2014 pageant. Prior to that, I had a moderate amount of experience through my first pageant Miss Vietnam of Northern California. However, nothing could have prepared me more for the MAG/MAA pageant better than Betty and her talent for coaching.


During our coaching sessions, Betty made sure that I focused on a variety of things that would help me stand out amongst other contestants (i.e. My platform, communication skills, stage presentation, evening gown and swimsuit walks, and much more!) I also had the chance to meet her previous students which I really appreciated because they offered a ton of advice.

Each session was learning from start to finish and I always looked forward to them. Sometimes, I miss having to go to training but then I remember where they have taken me and I'm so glad I never gave up. In fact, I still have her book next to my vanity so I can read it again whenever I have the chance.


What I gained from Betty’s pageant coaching is not justknowledge on how to walk the walk or talk the talk - but a mentor, lifetime friend, and older sister. She's taught me that it’s important to be humble yet confident and to stay beautiful on the inside, not just out. Last but not definitely not least,"Always smile, and stay classy."


Pageants may not be for everyone but you can't say that it's not for you until you have tried it! I was blessed with so many new experiences, opportunities, and friends since I have joined the pageant community and I can't wait to share my stories with the world. Whether or not you think you're ready, I highly recommend giving Betty a call for your free consultation! I can't wait to continue working with Betty and hopefully, be invited in the future to visit her new students.


Thank you Betty for everything you have done for me and I wish you the best of luck with your pageant coaching. I hope that your future students will be able to benefit from you as much as I did.


With Many XOXOS,


- Jennifer Chung, Miss Asian America 2014


People's Choice Award at Miss CA USA 2015

Need a trainer? Betty Hsu is the way to go!! You won't regret it, I promise.


I joined the Miss Asian Global/Miss Asian American pageant without really knowing what lies ahead of me. I was pretty frazzled and unorganized, until I decided to ask Betty to train me and let me tell you, it was the right decision.


Betty is such a wonderful person who really takes you in as her own and makes sure you really know your stuff. She is really good at what she does because I can see she loves helping people and this is her passion.


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to work with her for as long as I wanted, but every session I had with her was very productive. At first, I was pretty intimidated by her, but that feeling went away after working with her. We worked on our walks, our platform. She helped me step by step in forming a platform and gathered all my ideas and put it into a powerful 30 seconds statement.  Without the help of Betty, I wouldnt have been the first out of all the girls to have a memorized, well established platform.


Without the help of Betty, I wouldn't have been prepared for the interview section with the judges. She really made sure I knew every aspect of the pageant.


Did you know she also wrote a book?! This book helped me out so much throughout the pageant. The book covered EVERYTHING you need to know about the pageant. Not only did her book helped me through the pageant, I was able to apply it to my regular life. There are tips and advice that are helpful in the long run.


If you don't train with Betty, you're definitely missing out. Not only did I gain many valuable life lessons from her, I came out of the pageant winning a tittle AND  gaining an older sister.


Thank you for everything Betty! I'm so blessed to call you my older sister.


With much gratitude and love,


- May Ling Phyu, 2014 Miss Asian San Francisco 

To sum up my testimonial in 3 words: HIRE BETTY HSU.


I don’t even know how to begin describing the infinite ways Betty has influenced me. To say that she’s a fantastic role model is an understatement. She’s not just my pageant mentor, but also my life coach.


First of all, she has a fabulous curriculum vitae under her belt, as well as a published book. She shares all of her experiences and truly has each mentee’s best interest in mind.


If you are looking for a no-nonsense coach who is able to give you constructive criticism, she’s the cream of the crop. I still remember the first time I spoke to Betty over the phone, with the intent of asking her to be my coach. Her first response was, “You know Emily… I don’t take just anyone because I have a reputation to maintain. Why do you think I should coach you? ” This is the exact kind of professionalism that all pageant contestants need, the type of coach who wants to mold a real winner.


She’s the type of coach that pours her whole heart and soul into her students. She’ll think of you as she is grocery shopping and will organize a diet for you. If she is shopping for clothes, she’ll consider the best wardrobe for her mentees and present you with a new dress the next day.


Betty’s coaching doesn’t just start from the moment you hire her and end the moment you relinquish your crown. Her style of coaching follows you for eternity and will most definitely impact the way you navigate through life. The things she teaches are applicable to any competition, whether it is a pageant or a promotion at work.


If your ultimate goal is to be a winner at life, Betty is the person to make that into a reality. Winning pageants are just one of the many perquisites that will follow. 


-Emily Tang

Miss Asian America 2012-13

Working with Betty was one of the best decisions I made in my pageant experience.  Extremely knowledgeable about her craft, she is the ultimate professional and a real-life fairy godmother.  When I first saw her making a motivational speech at a Miss Asian America/Global meeting, I knew I had to talk to her.  And boy, was it a good decision!  She not only improved my walk drastically in just a few sessions but also lent me up with her beautiful dresses and accessories.  I literally wore one of her dresses on pageant night and was crowned Miss Asian California 2012-13 in it. 


When you meet Betty, you know instantly that you are in the right hands.  I still remember the first time I met with her to receive my lesson.  Within minutes, she identified areas that I need improvement and her comments were so spot on that I knew that I had come to the right place.  The years of experience, the passion and the insight that she brings to the table can’t be found anywhere else.  She is also the kind of coach who will go the extra mile to make sure you are ready in all aspects, not just the aspects that you asked her to work on.  For example, although I initially thought I’d only work on my walk with her, she ended up helping me with my Q&A section, my platform speech, my wardrobe and even general mental preparation.  Betty’s walking lessons especially are a real gem.  She painstakingly demonstrated all different types of walks for me and even showed me gestures I can incorporate into my walk.  Because she has extensive personal experience competing in pageants and has coached winners all different kinds of pageants, she really knows what she is talking about.


 Betty is an extremely warm person who truly cares about your experience and will make you feel a million times more confident before your pageant.  We became fast friends while preparing for my pageant and I am proud to call her my coach and my friend today.  If you truly want to win, if you truly want to receive lessons that make a real difference in your pageant game, I recommend this amazing lady for you.  


-April Kim, Miss Asian California 2012-13

Being a girl who’s always enjoyed the more tomboy aspects of life, I decided to join the Miss Sing Tao 2010 pageant just to touch on my feminine side and try something new. I went through the bulk of my year in a blind rush; I could walk on stage, I knew how to do make-up, and I had my share of talents, but I had no idea how to execute them well or portray myself in a different light from the other eleven girls.


To my luck, I was introduced to Betty four weeks before my pageant. On our first meeting, Betty told me that having just a month before the pageant was critical, and that we had to work hard, but we could do it; I had the potential to win. We had five sessions together, and each session she made sure to work on every segment of what I had to do: smiling, walking, Q&A, talent, sport, everything! I felt the major progress I was making after each of our sessions, and I became more and more confident as the days approached to my pageant night. Through this month, Betty became more than just a pageant coach; she became a part of my family and a lifelong friend. There’s something about her personality that inspires me to do my best every day, practice my walks in front of a mirror, and repeatedly ask myself, “Who is Rita Huang, and what really makes her stand out from the other girls?”


Betty paved a golden path for me to win the title of Miss Sing Tao 2010. Without her guidance, I can honestly say I could not have won first place. On that night, I kept her smile and her encouragements in my mind and brought out my best self. Thanks to Betty, I was able to have such an amazing experience with my first time in pageantry, but she has also taught me a fair amount of life skills. The advice she gave me did not only apply to the pageant; her guidance has helped me mature as a person, and I use everything she’s taught me from those five sessions today. What I love about Betty is that she wasn’t here to merely coach me to become a champion; she came to be a lifetime friend.    



-Rita Huang, Miss Sing Tao 2010

If you are applying for a pageant, you are likely beautiful, competitive and living a fulfilling life, but if you are considering hiring a pageant coach, then you are most likely also very smart.


Pageantry, like all other walks of life, can be difficult when one enters blindly. Try remembering the last time you applied to college without any advice on the SATs; or that time you learned to play a sport without ever consulting a coach. There is a certain skill set unique to pageantry that one should acquire before the competition. The journey can be challenging, both mentally and physically, and I am so glad that I received guidance from Betty.


When I first began the program with Betty, I knew what my flaws were. From a young age, I suffered from being painfully shy. I could walk into a room and not make a presence, or introduce myself without making an impression. Betty has really helped me overcome some of my obstacles and brought the “inner beauty queen” out of me, so to speak.


The program first begins with an interview session where Betty will help determine your strengths and weaknesses. Betty then tailors the program and helps you work on the overall competition, including sessions on Q&A, Health and Fitness, Talent etc.


With Betty’s help in numerous walking sessions and mounts of encouragement and inspirations, I learned how to channel that inner energy and charisma which not only landed me the title of Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce/ 1st Princess title, but also allowed me to become a more influential and respected attorney.


Entering into the Miss Chinatown USA pageant was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life as I continue to strive to challenge myself. My life motto is to be beautiful, be amazing and simply be my best.  You only live once, so chase your dreams, try your best (always), and live with no regrets. 


- Katherine Chu, Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce 2013

As a graduate student working on my Masters in Electrical Engineering and MBA, I would have never fathomed how much pageantry would help me in both my personal and professional development. I certainly would not have benefited so much from my experiences had it not been for the guidance and mentorship of Betty Hsu. I decided to join my first pageant purely for the novelty of doing something so different from my academic background in technology and business.


I soon discovered pageantry exercises critical skills of communication that I did not necessary have the opportunity to practice elsewhere. I struggled through my first pageant and wondered what I had done wrong to not place. Was I too fat? Was my talent not good enough? What could it be?! I then met Betty at a community pageant event and having discovered she was a pageant veteran, I asked her just to give me a few pointers. Fortunately, Betty was generous enough to do much more. I had periodic one on ones, with structured assignments to complete in between and she went through every segment of the competition to help me figure out how to present myself in the best way possible.


Betty has truly inspired me to bring out the best in me on stage and to really hone in on who I am and communicate that in the most effective way in a short period of time. Through this experience, I have learned more about myself and gained confidence in who I am.  I couldn't have done it without the coaching of Betty Hsu!


- Illyssa Lu, Miss Chinatown San Francisco and Miss Asian America Scholastic Achievement

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