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In It To Win It

I only coach WINNERS. I am extremely passionate about winning pageants and I am here to help you succeed. There are so many tricks of the trade, and especially for someone who is completely new or if you've already competed and lost...there is a solution! My solution works.


Please do not hesitate to contact me. You are a crown away from it all!


Most contestants say this is the hardest segment of competition. I say this is the most fun!


As my student, we will delve into every imaginable interview question, your on-stage question, and introduction. You never get a second chance with a first impression.

Whether you've played the piano for ten years, or don't have any idea what you're going to perform, I have a network of talented musicians, dancers, and choreographers dedicated to you. 
We have ethnic costumes, dance costumes, evening gowns, jewelry, and more to lend you. After all, you have to shine bright like a diamond!


Most contestants have a few pounds to lose, lean muscle to build, or need to achieve a more athletic, "toned" figure. With my pageant fitness and diet program, you will be sure to achieve the results you want.

           Stage Presence


80% of communication is body language. The way you walk, the way you hold your head, the way you arch your back all has to do with stage presence. I will help you accomplish the best YOU.



Every CEO, President, and politician/celebrity figure have a team of trusted advisers. Their support team helps the individual reach their goal and build confidence. I am your team. I come with a team. 

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